Deep Green Floral Collection
Deep Green Floral Collection
Deep Green Floral Collection

Penny Forever

Deep Green Floral Collection

Sale price$63.00
Style:Jump Pad - full

Gorgeous deep deep green floral design! Color so deep it looks almost black but it is a deep green.

Pads are made of a high end luxury fabric material that naturally repels moisture and dirt, yet supple to the touch. The underside is a black mesh fabric which is excellent at wicking moisture, hiding stains and helping keep your saddle in place. NEW FEATURE:  Pad billet/girth loops are sewn in separate holes so each of 3 billets/girth straps can loop in individually, covered by 1 long strap if you prefer them all together!

As with ALL of our products, this collection is machine washable! We recommend a low heat drying cycle. 

Dressage Pad sizing:

full: 24" spine, 23" drop

Cob: 22.5" spine, 22" drop

Jump Pad Sizing:

Full: 22.5" spine, 23" drop

Cob: 21.5" spine, 22" drop