Here at Pennyforever, every single dollar from sales goes directly back into animal rescue and providing a wonderful life to our rescue family here in Wisconsin. Below are just some of our rescue pups! We love the space and joy we can give them here - and they love having each other! 

Meet Mr. Bean - this beautiful gaited boy came to us in May and look at his transformation in just a few months. He is kind, gentle and so beautiful! Mr. Bean is continuing to thrive and do well here on the farm! 

Meet Lemon -  a beautiful filly of about 1.5-2 years in age! She was incredibly stand-off-ish at first, didn't let us approach her, but now she loves rubs and treats and lots of attention! Lemon (now Honey Lemon) has been adopted by a lovely Minnesota family who is turning her into their next trail companion! 

Meet Milkshake - a feisty little mini munchkin who we are currently teaching to love treats and rubs and walks! Milkshake has since been adopted to a wonderful Minnesota family with 2 little boys who love on him daily!